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DIY Printables for Bloggers

You started your blog and have been working hard to create great content. You’ve been promoting your blog posts on social media. You’ve even joined Facebook groups dedicated to doing chore threads with the hopes that you’d find some people who are genuinely interested in your blog. But your blog traffic is still disappointingly low.

You keep hearing that the key to getting solid blog traffic is to get into people’s email inboxes. To do that, you need to build your mailing list. But you’re struggling to figure everything out.  

Perhaps you already have a list of opt-in freebie ideas written down and you just don’t know how to bring those ideas to life.

Maybe you are trying to decide which of the many email service providers you should use to build your list.

Or perhaps you already have a small list, but it’s growing at a snail’s pace.

You want to create an email opt-in that gets people excited to join your list. You just need help with the design and tech side of things.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s that design and tech can cause bloggers to want to pull their hair out in frustration.

I totally get it!

As a self-taught web and graphic designer, I’ve definitely had my fair share of hair-pulling moments. Lol! That’s why I love to help other bloggers with those things. They come easily to me now and I know that I can help others learn enough to check off some of the big things on their to-do list.

I also know that most new bloggers don’t have a big budget for these things. You don’t have the money yet to hire someone to create your graphics or grow your list for you. You are in full DIY mode and need to learn how to handle the design and tech aspects of list-building on your own.

That’s why I created this course.

This course will help you design gorgeous opt-in printables for your niche, promote them across social media, and set everything up in your chosen email service provider so that you can start really building your mailing list- and your traffic.

The best part? I show you how to do it all with FREE and low cost software so that you can find the right option for your budget!

Go from a blank page to an uh-mazing printable

Increase Traffic

Don't be at the mercy of others, control your own traffic

Raving Fans

That come back again and again


Anu A.

I've really enjoyed Monique's course, Diy Printables. It's organized, detailed and takes you through each step needed to create printables. I love that it's clear and divided into small chunks.

Monique's is very knowledgeable and she gives great tips and suggestions. If you're a beginner and want to create great opt-ins using Powerpoint, then I'd highly recommend DIY Printables.  It's also a great refresher course for intermediate users.

Create an Email Opt-in from Start to Finish

DIY Printables for Bloggers

What's Inside?

Module 0

What the tech?

  • How to decide on the right email provider for your needs (and your budget)
  • How to choose the right program to design your printables

Module 1

Getting Started

  • How to find and combine the right colors to make your designs POP
  • How to use visually striking font combos (ditch Arial or Times New Roman!)
  • Where to find gorgeous images to complement your text
  • Where to find cute clip art
  • “I need to have a copyright page? Say what!”

Module 2

Brainstorm Opt-in Ideas

  • Top 5 ideas to find the best email opt-in for your website
  • List of 20+ email opt-in ideas for any niche

Module 3

Design Things: The Good Stuff

Tutorials shown in Powerpoint include:

  • How to create your own wall art
  • How to create a printable checklist
  • Create your own planning pages (calendar, daily and weekly schedules)
  • How to create fun kids’ activity printables ( alphabet activity page, math cards & writing worksheets)
  • How to save your printables as jpegs and PDFs


  • How to use free software to make your printables editable
  • How to make sure your PDFs are secure

Module 4

Create Your Own Mockups

All tutorials are done using free software - Canva and Pixlr

  • Create irresistible mock ups your readers will love
  • Create beautiful pins that will get your posts noticed
  • Create those cool ebook cover mock ups for free

Module 5

Get Those Opt-ins on Your Site

  • How to add the email opt-ins to your site
  • The best way to send freebies out to new subscribers
  • How to create an amazing resource library for subscribers
  • Tech training for Convertkit and Mailerlite
  • Bonus tech training - How to set up Leadpages

From Other Bloggers

Crystal M. ~

From brainstorming what your readers need, how to create it, store it, and how to share it with your current and soon-to-be followers, you'll be taken from an unsure beginning to a creative finish.

Sheri Graham ~

I love Monique's printables course. She makes it easy to follow along and learn how I can create my own printables for my list. I also plan on using what I have learned to create printables that I can sell and offer my paying members. Thank you Monique!

DIY Printables for Blogger

  • Learn how to attract the most loyal fans who come back again and again
  • Take your email opt-ins from blah to UH-Mazing!
  • Step by step tutorials to hold your hand each step of the way

DIY Printables for Blogger + Profit Through Printables {Beta version}

  • Learn how to attract the most loyal fans who come back again and again
  • Take your email opt-ins from blah to UH-Mazing!
  • Step by step tutorials to hold your hand each step of the way
  • Brainstorm irrestible product ideas that will grab everyone's attention
  • Sell printables in your own shop using Woocommerce or Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Discover how to get your printables seen by others

About Monique


Hi! My name is Monique and I’m the owner of Monique B Designs, where I design custom email opt-ins/printables, websites, and book covers/layouts for my clients.

I’m also the blogger behind Living Life and Learning

Over the 5 years since I started blogging seriously, I’ve designed well over 200 printables for my readers, resulting in tens of thousands of downloads. Printables have helped me to grow my list to 25,000 subscribers. I’m passionate about helping other bloggers to grow their lists by offering their readers content they will love.

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