DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers

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You take out your curriculum ready to start the school day and your children moan and groan.

They take forever to get their work done, or worse...tears start pouring out.

You spend way too much time trying to get your kids to stay in their seat.

Your patience starts to fade and you just want your kids to finish the work so you start yelling or issuing threats.

Or you’re just plain tired and give up.

This is not the teacher you wanted to be.

You want them to have a good education but you’re limited in resources.

Imagine if you could create your own printables and not have to worry about whether the kids like it or not because you’ve specifically tailored it to your kids.

Imagine if instead of moans and groans, you had kids that looked forward to learning.

How exciting would that be for you to create a lifelong learner?

You’re very interested in being able to create printable, but you’re tech-challenged.

You know VERY little about creating printables. (Basically, you know how to use Word to write a paper but very little beyond that.)

You always thought it would be fun to learn how to make them and you wonder how to make printables that look cute!


I've admired the beautiful and creative printables that Monique makes and wished I could do that in my own homeschool.

Now I can with her awesome ecourse! She walks us through the process of designing and customizing them to be just what we need. It's a great resource for homeschool moms who need something practical and affordable with a dash of creative fun! 

Design Printables That are Engaging and Look Good too!

DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers

Design Printables YOUR Way Even if You're Tech Challenged

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I have loved this DIY Printables Course. I have been making printables for some time now but I really had been winging it! Through this course I learnt new things like getting to know the font styles that compliment each other, how to get the perfect colour scheme and discovered a few applications that have saved me so much time! Thanks Monique!

I would recommend this course to any homeschool parent who wants to start creating their own homeschool resources.



I was so excited to start Monique's DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers Course! I had created printables before but wanted a fresh perspective. Monique did not disappoint as I learned step by step on best apps to use for creating printables, resources for colors and images, and HOW to create printables. And, most options are free or frugal! This course is great for beginners or those who need a refresher.

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I’m also the blogger behind Living Life and Learning. My family and I live in Canada, where I homeschool my two sons and daughter (ranging from 3rd grade to 12th grade!). I use my blog to help moms and educators alike to achieve their parenting, education, and organization goals with a sense of purpose and joy.

Over the 10 years since I started homeschooling, I started creating my own printables for our homeschool, and that's when I felt like I could customize our education to each child's needs. One child wasn't like the other and I could easily adapt activities that would engage them.

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