Best Places to Sell Printables

Have your friends told you they love that activity you did with your kids or your co-workers love the activities you come up with for your classroom? And now you’re thinking, who else would want to buy your printables?

Find the best places to sell printables here, just keep reading.

Not sure where to sell printables? I have serious options for you to consider. From free with some tech know-how or to paid but with full customer support, there are options for every budget and tech-savviness.

Best Places to Sell Printables

Best Places to Sell Printables online

Imagine you could do the thing you love, create printables but then people would actually pay to use yours.

How amazing would that be?

With so many online platforms, you can easily set up a shop with your own printables to start making money online.

Sell Printables as a Service

There are multiple places that you can sell your printables and each will have their pros and cons. It depends on how many products you have, how much time you’re willing to put into your shop and how tech-savvy you are.

Facebook Groups

The quickest and fastest way to start selling printables is to create them for other bloggers. The fastest way to do this is to join Facebook groups where they sell content.

This means you can leverage the audience in the group, you didn’t have to build it up, and the group is already full of people who are ready to buy.

You want to jump in and see what has been sold and what is doing well and what isn’t selling. All of these are things that you can use to help you.

You’ll want to have set up a Paypal Business account for this.

You’ll need to be able to send invoices so that others can easily pay you.

Clients are then free to use your printables on their own websites as blog posts or lead magnets.

Take note of the seasons, what would do well in 6-8 weeks from now. People need time to share their products. If it’s super close to that holiday or the end of the season, people won’t buy so think ahead.

For printables to do well in Facebook groups, you’ll also need to create graphics to share them into the group and graphics that they blogger can use on their own site as well.

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How to sell printables online

To open up your own shop or store online, you have some options to look at depending on what you’re offering. If it’s educational products than TPT is for you, if not and it’s party items or other printables, Etsy may be for you.

When you sell on another platform that isn’t your own, you get the benefit of reaching their large audience. They charge you fees so that they can make money and likely take a commission from each transaction.

When you sell on your own site, you have to grow that audience yourself. But you get to keep more of your profits.

You’ll want to ensure that you’ve signed up for a Paypal and/or Stripe account depending on how you’ll be accepting payments on your own shop or if you’re using Etsy or TPT, you’ll definitely need to have Paypal set up in order to receive any payments.


They are a huge site for homemade and vintage items. Truly known for DIY projects. As a seller, you’ll need to pay a listing fee, transaction fee and payment processing fee for each item you sell.

Take this into account when you’re creating products and pricing them.

Teachers pay Teachers

You can create an account for free on TPT. If you sell anything while on the basic account, you’ll get 55% of your sales and it includes a $0.30 transaction fee for each product sold.

This means you can go ahead and get started for free and set up your shop for free, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Once you start to get sales and you know for sure you want to invest your time, you can upgrade to a Premium account. This means you’ll get 80% of all sales and it includes on a $0.15 transaction fee for sales that are less than $3. I always try to not have any listings under $3 because of this.


When you host your own shop on your own website, you can do this for a lower cost, but you’ll be responsible for setting up the technical aspects of the website and then troubleshooting any tech issues.

Of course, you can outsource these things to a tech person but in the beginning, it’s likely you may not have the budget in the beginning for help so here are several options for you to look into.

If you have your own website, you’re likely on a self-hosted website. To have a store on your blog, you can use a store plugin to add that functionality to your site.


This is the best shop plugin and it’s free to add it to your website. While it is free to download and set up, to add extra functionality you’ll need to add plugins some of which are free and some extras that are paid that you may want to take advantage of.

Because of the number of plugins it takes for Woocommerce to run should you like all of the bells and whistles, I like to install Woocommerce on a subdomain. So my shop is on rather than my main website.

Because I get a good amount of traffic there I didn’t want to slow it down with such a robust plugin.

For example, plugins that I find essential to your Woo store are to add Paypal and Stripe payments, and one to connect to your email service provider. I use ConvertKit and love it.

Woocommerce is not the only option but there are a ton of shop options if you’d rather not build an entire shop or you’d like to have a payment processor that handles all the tech stuff.

More Online Shop Plugins or Programs

  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Ecwid
  • Gumroad
  • Sendowl

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While Shopify is not hosted on your own website, you can choose your own custom domain like or

You can then link to the shop from your website from the homepage, menu and blog posts and keep the branding the same so the customer doesn’t notice that they’ve gone to a different site.

You can start a free 14 day trial of Shopify to get your store set up and ready to go. There are different plans but the basic plan is fine for you as you get started.

Depending on your needs, there may be add-ons that you’ll need to add to your store as if you are selling digital downloads.

The basic Shopify account is $29/month and what you get here is something that is easy to set up and go and then if you have any tech issues you call their customer service and have it taken care of.

Are you ready to start selling printables? Let me know on which platform you’re starting with or where you’ve had success.

Not sure how to set up your own shop? Go through Profit Through Printable and get step by step info on how to set up a TPT and/or Woocommerce shop.

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