How to Make a Printable in PowerPoint

Why yes! You can use PowerPoint to create printables, and it’s so easy you’ll be amazed at what you create. Yeah, I know, that program that has been sitting on your PC since you first got it.

Stay tuned, I’m going to show you exactly how to make a printable in PowerPoint.

If you’re a PC user, it’s highly likely that you got PowerPoint with your Microsoft Office installation. You thought it was only for slides and presentations, but little did you know that you could actually use it to create your own printables.

In fact I prefer it to using an online program like Canva because I can work offline and save the files to my computer.

How to make a printable in PowerPoint

How to Make a Printable in PowerPoint

While it may seem overwhelming at first, I promise you, using PowerPoint to make worksheets is going to be a breeze.

If you don’t have PowerPoint on your computer, you can easily purchase PowerPoint Online and get it for as low as $6.99/month. There is also the one-time payment for the home and student version if you can swing that.

I’m going to show you how to use PowerPoint to make a weekly schedule printable 2 different ways.

That’s right one using a color swatch and one using floral design elements.

I show you a quick tip so that you can make all kinds of printables again and again.

Want to know the secret? Templates. Yes, if you create templates that can be used again and again while just changing up the design elements. It makes your workflow go even faster.

I do this all of the time for regular things that I create.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a weekly schedule in PowerPoint.

You’ll see how I style it in two completely different ways, one using clip art and one without.

Which will go to show you that you don’t need expensive clip art or anything to create gorgeous printables.

This video is only 13 minutes long and I created 2 styles, you can create your own weekly schedule page in less than 10 minutes.

Why create printables?

For Teachers

Teachers and homeschoolers can create their own worksheets for different subjects that they’re teaching.

Instead of having to buy lesson plans or new curriculum, you can decide what your kids learn and how they do it by creating your own printables.

You’d be able to make pages for your planner, writing worksheets, interactive notebook pages, puzzles, word searches and more.

All catered to your child’s needs and level.

For Bloggers

Bloggers can use them for email opt-ins and attract new readers to your email list. The best way to get readers returning back to your website is to get them on your email list.

Do you have a simple email opt-in idea to offer them? Because telling them to join your list to get weekly updates isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Not in an age where we’re in information overload.

You can create checlists, planner pages, short eBooks, worksheets, roadmaps and more.

Once you’ve mastered email opt-ins, you’ll be able to create your own products that you can sell.

Imagine creating an income from printables? You’d be able to create the exact thing your audience is asking for which makes it better.

Another option is to create printables for others. A lot of virtual assistants create printables for clients, a perfect job less designs savvy people outsource possibly to you.

The possibilities are endless.

Printable Courses Available

Need more help creating an email opt-in? Go from design to tech with DIY Printables for Bloggers to take the guesswork out of email opt-in design.

Teachers can get more step by step tutorials with DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers.

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